How QR Codes Can Help Increase Sales

One of the top challenges faced by sales teams lies in improving sales productivity and performance. Having a knack for sales can take your team members far, but today’s competitive world needs something extra special to help you stand out. That’s why using QR Code technology can offer you a flexible, clever, and inventive solution that is easy to implement and seamlessly blends with your existing strategies.

Effective sales maximization can be measured by the reliability of a well-trained and well-equipped sales team to provide consistent results. In order to build an even stronger sales productivity strategy, deploying the right digital solutions and making them work together is key.

You might be wondering how QR Codes work in conjunction with increasing sales productivity and effectiveness? Their origin story is deeply rooted in improving large-scale inventory processes to automate and digitize the sales process. Nowadays, QR Code technology has evolved to include a variety of QR Code solution options such as PDFs, digital business cards, product videos, and even as a point of sale technology with a QR Code payment system.

When you combine their flexibility with how they conveniently connect print to digital, you can see why they’ve become one of the most effective tools in sales technology.

#1 Create a digital business card

A key element for a salesperson to have in their arsenal is to be reachable. Having a business card handy for networking or in case you meet someone who might be interested in your product or services is vital. However, no one has the space to carry around a high volume of print business cards. Equally, your contacts won’t want to carry them around either.

#2 Tracking sales productivity — even on print collaterals

Besides enabling an effective networking strategy, business cards or other print marketing materials allows you to keep track of scan metrics. Every time your QR Code is scanned, statistics such as location by city and country, the operating device used, time scanned, and unique vs. total scans are updated in real-time.

#3 Stand out and connect on the appropriate channel

A strong brand is at the core of a company’s success to increase sales. So in order to achieve better customer recognition, consistent and recognizable company expressions using the right channels are key.

QR Codes are an all-in-one solution platform. But what does this mean for you and your audience? Launch any QR Code campaign, whether on a print advert or email marketing, and you can instantly connect your target audience to any one of your digital channels and simultaneously build brand awareness. QR Code design, for both the image and landing page, can be styled according to your brand image. Customizable frames, edges, colors, the option to add a logo or image in the middle, and an editable CTA (call-to-action) means QR Codes can be adapted for all sorts of digital and print mediums for whichever purpose you need. They are scalable in size and match perfectly with any brand’s graphic designs.

#4 Effective networking for a boost in product sales

In today’s competitive world of business and sales, who you know matters more than ever. This is why effective salesmanship starts with building relationships, not just with customers but with fellow businesses.

#5 Share unique elements of your products with a Video QR Code

Building on the advantages of creating interactive content, if you are wondering how to increase sales of a new product, then videos are an extremely useful funnel for sales maximization. They provide a professional demonstration of how the product works, the versatile ways it can be used, or it can help to emotionally connect your product to your audience.

#6 QR Code your product sales landing page and social media

If you’re wondering how to increase product sales on your website, or simply how to grow your online presence in general, then perhaps one of the best ways is to add a personal touch to your brand. Install a live chat while keeping your homepage layout simple with the help of the Whatsapp QR Code generator. Customers looking for assistance will have direct access to connect with you. Or streamline B2C communication and connect your different online channels with a Social Media QR Code. You can then invite scanners to an Instagram live demo session where your audience can give real-time feedback.

#7 Increase sales with irresistible coupon deals

Among the recommendations to increase sales productivity and effectiveness, a staple method to attract more leads while rewarding loyal customers is a solid coupon marketing campaign. If your company is new and you want to boost starter sales, you can use a Coupon QR Code on a small display sign. This would work at a trade show booth, product-related sales meetings, and even directly in your store as part of the product displays or at the checkout counter.

#8 Digitize your sales decks & presentations with QR Codes

Sales decks are essential during meetings with investors and B2B partners. By using the right tools, you can truly connect and help explain your company’s product, while incentivizing them to potentially invest in your product. This means going beyond a simple presentation, and using the elegance of QR technology to share more information in a smaller format. Instead of handing out stacks of information that can easily get lost in the shuffle, take one copy of your sales deck to the meeting and add a PDF QR Code that your audience can easily scan and view on their mobile devices.

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