What Are the Most Common Uses of QR Codes in Several Industries?

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes however they are getting more popular than standard barcodes. These codes are more useful than standard barcodes. They can store much more data including URL links, texts, images, etc. Moreover, almost all modern smartphones can scan them using a simple QR code reader or app. Further in this blog, we have listed some common uses of these QR codes so make sure to read the blog till the end.

Marketing & advertising

Advertisers and marketers have long adopted QR codes. Do you remember those black patterns on storefronts that grab the attention of everyone who passes by? They use QR codes to embed the URL of their website to redirect people to their website. Moreover, they also use it to redirect people to a video or a form.


QR codes are commonly used to view bills and invoices. It allows the logistics hubs and delivery agents to scan the code to see the details. It used to be a conventional barcode earlier however it has eventually transformed into QR codes that store more information than conventional barcodes.

Policy documents

Policy documents these days have QR code links that redirect the customers to a website from where they can download the policy details. They can also be used for membership cards.

Store IDs

With secure QR codes, you can store your Government IDs. However, you need to ensure the level of security that a QR provides. You can rely on the best QR code generator software in the USA to store your confidential information.

Lab reports and medical bills

People can utilize the QR codes to encrypt the data on the report. This can help in dealing with issues of fake health insurance claims.


Certificates from testing agencies, other certification documents, and statutory certificates contain critical information. So the agencies can use QR codes to store them after that, they can only be accessed by authorized parties.


QR codes are gaining popularity in the US for payments. They are getting popular among merchants because they are cost-effective and easily accessible. Walmart was one of the early adopters of QR codes for payments.

Product details

QR Code offers businesses one of the best ways to showcase their product information. It also helps businesses to collect consumer data which can further be used for location-targeted campaigns.

Bottom line

Small businesses can generate QR codes using simple QR code generator software. They can download it and print it or place it whenever they want. The information on these QR codes can also be updated without altering the code which is the best part.

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