Why Are QR Codes Getting Popular Today?

Whether you are making payments at a café or reading a magazine, you can’t help but notice a unique pattern of black and white squares. This pattern is called QR codes, which is an acronym for Quick Response codes. While they are not new, as they have been around for quite some time, they recently got very popular. You can find them on products, billboards, and even ads. So, what do they do, and why are they getting popular? Let’s start from the beginning.

Origin of QR code

The QR code was originally developed in 1994 for the automotive industry by a Toyota subsidiary. It is a 2-dimensional bar code that can be read using a mobile phone camera. When you scan a QR code using your digital device’s camera, you will get the details it contains on your screen. It can contain any digital data, ranging from URLs to product descriptions to payment gateways and more.

Use of QR code for driver’s license

You can even find a QR code for your driver’s license today. It allows clarity with the driver’s license and makes things quite convenient for the passengers, drivers, and law enforcement authorities as well. The best thing about using QR codes is that it is a time-saving alternative that allows easy access to data without having to type in URLs. For instance, licensing officers can know all the details of a driver’s license by scanning the QR code. It enables them to quickly identify if the license is valid or not.

Moreover, passengers can also determine the validity of a driver’s license using this feature before taking the ride. It further helps in decluttering unlicensed drivers from the community to enforce passenger safety.

Other benefits of using QR codes

Among the numerous benefits of using QR codes, the time-saving factors remain at the top. You can make payments, and access websites and other digital platforms within a second using your phone’s camera. The users can get more information about a product just by scanning the QR code provided by the company. Just by scanning the QR code, you can get all the data it contains will be available to you via your smart device.

It is the ease of use, convenience, and adaptability of QR codes are the basic features leading to their popularity today. QR codes can be easily scanned by your phone’s camera. If your phone does not have an inbuilt feature of scanning QR codes, then you will have to download an app to scan QR codes.

Today, QR codes are substantially used for advertising purposes, linking printed media with online media, product promotions, payments, documents, etc. Even though QR codes are more visible these days, they have been around for a couple of decades. Its popularity over time has made it quite clear that QR codes are here to stay. Owing to its several benefits QR codes are being widely adopted at a quick pace worldwide.

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